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You're Not a Size 8

It was the last month she would work at that store since she had been given orders from her doctor to retire. She was going through her day, normal as you would expect. Then this customer in the lady's changing room came out of the room, IN HER UNDERWEAR, and threw a pair of jeans in my moms face. The lady who came out said "These jeans don't fit. Go find me a pair that will fit."

The funny thing about this is that the woman was trying to wear a pair of 8 petites.... and the woman was clearly in the size 20 range. Mom was already getting angry at this woman because she came out of the changing room and threw a pair of jeans in her face. She politely said to the woman "What size are you?"

"8 petite. Now find me a pair that will fit!" "Miss, I hate to say this, but you aren't a size 8. You would be more fitted in that section over there." She pointed to the jeans that were meant for the more husky individuals. Apparently that was the wrong move because this customer started yelling at my mom. Now, she's worked at this store branch for many years and has 30 years of retail experience. She know what she's talking about.

"No! I want to buy a size 8." She grabbed my mom's arm and started dragging her towards the smaller sized jeans. "Now, find me a new pair and do your job!"

"Ma'am. I am not your slave. I don't have any obligations to help you. If you cannot respect me as an employee, I'm going to have to have you removed from the store."

They went their separate ways until mom was heading to the back section and saw this same woman complaining to a cashier nearby and demanding to speak to mom's manager. When she saw mom nearby she pointed at her and yelled "That's her! She said 'I'm not your n word slave!' (She actually said the n-word. I just censored it since I hate hearing it myself.)" The cashier called the manager and he stepped out and immediately she ripped into the manager and demanding he fire my mom for rude behavior and spinning this tale of her throwing racial slurs at her. The manager casually told her that her complaint has been registered and that she could leave.

The manager was a cool dude, he knew mom had patience. "What happened?" Mom explained everything that happened. From where the woman threw the jeans in her face to her demanding she finds her a pair of jeans that mom knows wouldn't fit her. "I see. Don't worry, this won't be going into any report. I just knew she would cause trouble. Give her a false sense of victory."

Story submitted by Enraged Erin.

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