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Would You Tell a Stranger They Smell?

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

Most of us have come to accept that air travel isn’t going to be the most comfortable of rides. We’ve all had to put up with that annoying baby who won’t stop crying or that one passenger who insists on reclining their seat soon as they get on board. This stuff is somewhat tolerable because it’s almost expected, but you know what they say about air travel? Expect the unexpected!

In a more bizarre story, an entire family was kicked off an American’s Airline flight for having horrendous body odor! Yup, I’m not kidding, they were not allowed back on a plane until the following day! Now the family later claimed there must have been an ulterior motive from the airline as they couldn’t possibly have smelled that bad.

Now, if this was me and I had just been kicked off a plane for smelling like sh**, not only would I be embarrassed to talk about it again, but I certainly wouldn’t go around asking other passengers if I smelled bad. But that’s exactly what this family did! There were reports that they asked several passengers about their body odor and most people supposedly said they didn’t smell. It’s called being polite people, you wouldn’t tell a random person they need to take a shower… well, most people wouldn’t!

We spoke about this story in more detail on episode 7, but I’m curious – has anyone else experienced a super smelly passenger near them on a plane? Let me know!

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