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The Tale of the Pee Can

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Sophomore year of college I was working in the garden center of a big box store. I was one of the first-hired seasonal workers, meaning I was teaching the other new hires to work the register, zone the isles, etc. I was kind of like an unofficial manager.

One morning as I’m opening up the open air garden and unlocking the gates, one of my associates comes to me from the indoor area. She’s holding a watering can that I know we don’t sell. She says to me “Is this what I think it is??” . So, I lean over to look into the can. It was filled with piss. Not even just a “one piss” amount of piss. This can was about 3/4 full of piss. Like, nearly a gallon of piss.

I immediately tell her to take it to the mulch/tree area in the parking lot and I contact loss prevention and the cleaning crew. They check the cameras and don’t see anyone place it, meaning who knows how long it was there. After the cleaning crew basically pressure washed the Pee Can, it was given a tag and promptly put on the shelf.

Basically, someone brought a watering can into my store with the express intention of pissing into it multiple times and shelving it, and our store made us sell it.

I made our cleaning crew deal with the Pee Can.

We spoke more about this story in episode 9.

Story submitted by Jess Kaijuno

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