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FA Sacked for Drinking on the Job!

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

The thought of being hauled across the air suspended in a metal tube is a daunting experience for many. I’m one of those people! I often look to flight attendants for comfort because if I see them going about their duties as normal it gives me a sense of security and reassurance. I spoke more about it in episode 9, but it almost makes me forget that we could fall out of the sky at any moment and die in a fiery plane crash!

Now, what if I was to look up and see a flight attendant down a quarter of a bottle of vodka? I’m not sure if that’ll be quite the reassuring sight I’m after. Well, that’s exactly what happened on an international Qantas flight where a flight attendant was caught drinking on the job!

After a long investigation and appeals process, she was eventually sacked from her role as she admitted to drinking a quarter of a bottle of vodka during her shift. For me, this is a very controversial decision. I totally understand that flight attendants are responsible for the security and well being of their patience, but is sacking her over one incident a proportionate response?

To my knowledge, a quarter of a bottle of airplane Vodka doesn’t amount to much more than a shot. Now, I’m not defending her actions and she should totally have been punished over this incident, but she was with Qantas for over 30 years with a perfectly clean record. Give the lady a break!

We spoke in more detail about this story and shared our views on it in episode 9.

Let us know your thoughts below, do you think she deserved to get the sack?

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