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Drunk Man Makes a Mess

The area that store was located in was also know for having a lot of meth heads, especially after dark. I worked 100% nights and we closed at 11 PM.

A gentleman, old, maybe late 60's came in looking for a beer. At nights, there are only 2 of us working (both girls), it was about 9 PM, so the drive through was closed, I was busy restocking the shelves, but as soon as he walked in, I went to the counter. It was obvious that he was already intoxicated, but not exactly acting drunk. He goes right to the beer cooler, finds what he wants, goes to grab it, and drops it.

It was some sort of fruity FourLOKO. It slipped from his hand, hit the edge of the cooler, and promptly started spraying mango scented booze straight into the air. Here's the thing. Shit happens. There was a trash can RIGHT next to him, but he proceeds to pick up the can, and walk/quick shuffle around THE ENTIRE STORE. There was literally FOUR aisles, and he passed three bins. I WAS PRACTICALLY CHASING HIM WITH A TRASH CAN TRYING TO GET HIM TO STOP SPRAYING EVERYTHING I JUST STOCKED WITH BEER.

When I finally got the can away from him, he was mumbling incoherently, then promptly left the store on his own, but the damage was done. The can was half empty, and FYI, those cans are almost 24 oz. It took over an hour and a half to clean up.

Story submitted by Jessica Radiske

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