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Airline Slammed for Sexism

We love our air travel stories here at Retail Rehab and this week is no different! In Episode 10 we spoke about the story of an airline called Wizz Air who have recently come out with a new design for their safety cards. Sounds harmless, right? Well, it’s caused a bit of an outrage.

Many people have reacted negatively to the safety card, calling it sexist and inappropriate because of the way the woman is dressed. It’s true, this safety card does seemingly have more detailed designs of the flight attendant but is it really intended to be sexist? I’ll let you decide for yourself before I give you my opinion, here’s a photo of the safety card:

Now, I totally agree that the ‘sideboob’ is unnecessary, but the rest of it? Totally fine. I really believe they intended to portray her as a regular flight attendant. Sure, she’s curvier than the usual figures they use on safety cards, but does that really make it sexist towards women? I wouldn’t think so.

There were a few concerned people about the practicality of her being able to glide down the emergency slide in her ‘tight dress’ with ‘exposed legs’… seriously? The sole purpose of the safety card is to familiarize yourself with the safety procedures. Her clothing really doesn’t factor into it.

I’m super keen to hear your thoughts on this, do you think this safety card is sexist? Let me know in the comments below!

We spoke about this story in more detail in episode 10.

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