Ep 1

The customer from hell

Some customers really grind our gears - it's like their sole purpose of existence is to annoy retail staff.


In this episode, we share some stories about our worst customers, the ban on plastic bags, shoplifters and customers who take haggling a little too far!

Oh and we discuss the dreaded public toilets in some rather graphic detail, so grab your vomit bags and join us in this hilarious inaugural episode of Retail Rehab!

Ep 2

The Syringe Wielding Shoplifter

When the shoplifter's choice of weapon is a syringe you know you're in uncharted waters. 

In this episode, we share our hatred towards coworkers who are always running late and chat to a traffic controller to see how much they really get paid. 

But wait, there's more! We also delve into the daily struggles of using public transport and share a terrifying story of a security guard who gets attacked with a syringe!

Ep 3

The perfect interview

Job interviews can be terrifying but they don't have to be. In this episode, we share some 
tips on how to successfully land a retail job and deal with difficult customers.


We hated
catching the cold from customers, so we also discuss the hilarious strategies we used to 
avoid making contact with customers.

Ep 4

The Supermarket Pooper

If you work in retail long enough you'll probably see an unexpected turd on the floor, in fact it's almost guaranteed.


In this episode, we talk about our experiences with customers  defecating in stores as well as some of our own poop filled childhood stories.


Ever found an insect in your food? The horror!

We discuss our thoughts and share what we would do in such a situation. So throw out that plate of food and join us in this fun-fueled episode!

Ep 5

The Enraged Customer

Some people just love to cause a scene... fast food workers would know!


In this episode, we share the story of a rather abusive customer and discuss the new concept of Woolworths stores. We also play a round of "would you rather" in public toilets and it takes a hilarious turn!

Ep 6

The Worst DAY

Everything just goes wrong on some days and all you can really do is wait for it to be over! In this episode, we share the story of our worst day in retail and possibly one of the most annoying customers we've encountered.


We also discuss the new concept of Woolworths Drive Through stores and discuss the pains of listening to songs on repeat in air travel!

Ep 7

The Milk Tea Scammer

Ever dealt with a smelly customer? Some of them really need a shower! In this episode, we talk about a family who got kicked off a plane for terrible body odour, some horror stories from our store and a rather crafty gentleman who tried to scam a free milk tea!  

We also share some hilarious and shocking stories from our listeners, from abusive managers to customers seriously struggling to describe basic products they want. Grab a refreshing beverage and join us in this hilarious episode!

Ep 8

The Buttplug Bungler

Ever get the feeling you're forgetting something? Well, imagine leaving your baby behind at the airport as you take off into the sunset! In this epsiode, we talk about a passenger leaving their baby behind at the airport, terrible work uniforms, some creative excuses to get out of work and best of all - we chat to Remi about her adult store experiences! 


Remi shares her horror stories from her time in the adult industry and tells us all about what its like to work at a sex shop. From customers returning used toys to creepy men walking around the store with a 15-inch dildo inside them, she leaves no details out so quit slinging that dildo and join us on this wild episode!-

Ep 9

The Stinky commuter

Why do some people smell so bad? It's like the concept of a shower or deodorant is lost on them! In this episode, we discuss all the struggles of commuting to work, from dealing with funky smells to people who have no respect for personal space. We also spoke about a flight attendant who got the sack for drinking on the job and shared more customer horror stories from you guys! 

Oh and we also spoke about an incredibly rude lady who pissed off a bunch of people at a Subway store! So grab your footlong subs and join us in the penultimate episode of season 1!

Ep 10

Have you ever wanted to get locked inside a store? It's a fantasty for many! In this episode, we talk about a guy who got trapped at a department store and a few ridiculous customers who caused a scene at McDonalds over petty issues with their order. 

We also share the story of an insanely rude little boy, a (supposedly) sexist safety card and a rather nasty man who refuses to cut his toe nails! So put down that nail clipper and join us in the season finale!

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